June 17-19, 2019 | Austin, texas

Applying to Attend


General Rules and Conditions

Please read the following information before submitting an application.

1. Do I qualify to attend?

  • VICTIM ADVOCATES/COORDINATORS, ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS, NON-INVESTIGATING PERSONNEL, OR DISPATCHERS ARE INELGIBLE TO ATTEND. This conference is specifically for sworn law enforcement officers serving in the state of Texas.

2.  What is included in the scholarship for attendance?

  • The SAFVIC: Hi Tech program grants scholarship for ALL attendees to attend the conference. Conference registration fees, lodging and conference materials are included in the scholarship. Travel expenses and meals are not included.

3.  Do I need to submit an application to be considered?

  • Yes.  Please DO NOT submit more than one application per person. If you are unsure whether your application was submitted, please call (512) 279-7131.

4.  When completing the application, what should I pay attention to?

  • All questions marked with an asterisk (*) must be answered. If an answer is left blank to a required question, the application will not advance to the next step and all information will be lost. This will require the applicant to re-enter the information.

  • Please use a valid INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL-WORK email address. If a work email address is not possible, please use a PERSONAL email address. If the conference staff is unable to reach an applicant, another applicant will be selected. DO NOT use a general agency email address or one email address for more than one person.

  • Please enter a PERSONAL phone number (mobile or home). The conference staff will need to contact applicants from time to time. If the conference staff is unable to reach an applicant, another applicant will be selected. DO NOT enter an agency phone number in the personal phone number section.

5.  Does applying to guarantee me admission to the conference?

  • Submission of an application DOES NOT guarantee entry to the conference. Applications will be reviewed daily, and selected attendees will be notified in a timely manner.

6. When does the application close?

  • Application deadline: April 30, 2019.

7.  Additional Information:

  • Often times our emails will be filtered to your SPAM/JUNK FOLDER, therefore please check those folders periodically.

  • The conference WILL NOT serve as a substitute for any SAFVIC Course, nor for any special certification. TCOLE credits will be provided to all attendees who do not miss any portion of the conference.

  • If selected, please remember attendees are not allowed to miss any portion of the conference.

If you have difficulty filling out the application, please contact: Adrienne Hillman, Program Services Specialist, at (512) 279-7131.