June 17-19, 2019 | Austin, texas


The SAFVIC: 2019 Hi Tech & Digital Investigations conference was developed on the premise that digital forensics goes beyond just digital evidence. The mission of the conference is to significantly expand the domain of digital forensics research to a wide and eclectic audience of sworn law enforcement officials, consultants and leadership who are involved in the implantation of digital investigation strategy, as well as those that use digital forensics with regard to investigating crimes against women and young adults for the Texas law enforcement community. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest social networking sites, mobile and imbedded device forensics, digital evidence sharing and exchange, device search and seizure, as well as digital evidence law, real case studies and current digital investigative strategies. This three-day conference offers exciting and cutting-edge workshops on current challenges, best practices and insights from the industry. And for the best part: it’s free…

The Hi Tech & Digital Investigations conference will provide an avenue for the presentation and discussion of original curriculum about digital forensics and its relationship to security and law. Furthermore, conference proceedings will be made available to include the leading best practices that advance the practice and understanding of digital forensics methods and techniques to support efficient and effective investigations.